Felss Group GmbH

Felss 企业集团是冷成形领域值得信赖的合作伙伴。我们的核心技术涵盖旋锻、轴向成形、Tube+、折弯和双端面加工。我们不断深化这些工艺并开发出创新产品。凭借百年丰富经验,我们开辟了大量以客户需求为导向的应用。


如今,在全球各地,位于德国、瑞士、斯洛伐克、美国和中国的生产基地,企业 1100 多名员工正夜以继日地为寻求未来解决方案不懈努力。

The Felss company group is your partner for cold forming. Our core technologies are rotary swaging, axial forming, Tube+, bending, end forming and rolling. We are always improving on these processes and developing innovative products. Thanks to many years of experience, we have introduced a large variety of applications that are oriented toward customer needs.

As experts in cold forming, we develop optimal solutions and processes – be it the realization of highly flexible machines for series production, reliable service, or the production of components of the highest quality. With our worldwide locations and many cooperative ventures, we are the ideal partner for global platform strategies.

Worldwide at our locations in Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, the USA and China, our 1100-plus employees are already working today on the solutions for tomorrow.

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