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2020.04.22 - 23
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吉泰是一家整车及动力总成领域的工程服务供应商。专注于汽车动力传动系统开发、整车层级工程服务、移动智能驾驶以及台架和整车测试,能为客户提供专业的定制化的车辆工程与测试服务。公司总部位于德国艾丁霍芬(Aldenhoven)Mail工业园。吉泰在德国拥有总部,服务德国及欧洲市场外,也在中国也拥有研发中心和测试中心,很好的满足中国以及日本、韩国、印度等亚洲市场,为客户提供最适合的解决方案。目前吉泰在世界各地拥有超过150名员工,运用专业知识为客户在汽车动力总成及整车层面提供最优的技术方案。吉泰拥有着经验丰富的团队,能够为全球客户提供多样化的车辆定制服务。 吉泰在新能源领域也不断进行升级,具有高速电驱动系统开发经验,拥有的高转速测试验证台架(目前最高可达20000rpm),电池模拟器以及超低温(-60℃)环境舱,可为新能源汽车的开发与测试提供服务。 

GETEC is an engineering service provider in the field of vehicle and powertrain which focus on drivetrain development、engineering service、mobility intelligent、test bench and vehicle testing. We can provide professional customized engineering and testing services to our customers. The headquarter of GETEC is located in the industrial park Email Mayrisch in Aldenhoven, Germany. Serving the Germany and Europe markets, and we also have R&D and testing centers in China, which are well-suited to China, Japan, Korea, India and other Asian markets, providing customers with the most suitable solutions. At present, we have over 150 colleagues working around the world. Using our expertise to provide customers with the best technical solutions at the automotive powertrain and vehicle level. GETEC has an experienced team that can provide a variety of vehicle customization services to customers around the world. GETEC has also been continuously upgraded in the field of new energy, with experience in the development of high-speed electric drive systems, with high-speed test and verification gantry (currently up to 200 00 RPM), battery simulator and ultra-low temperature (-60 ° C) environmental chamber It can provide services for the development and testing of new energy vehicles. 


Add: G1-1001 GENWAY I-PARK No.88 Dongchang RD, SIP Suzhou 215028

电话/Tel: +86 512 6895 2066

传真/Fax: +86 512 6895 2068

网址/Web: www.getec-gmbh.com.cn